Git A Wonderful Tool For Tech Community

Some Basic Git Keywords

Git is a free and Open Source distributed version control system for tracking changes in source coding during web development, App building, and much more. Git is the best choice for most software teams today, it is very helpful for teams building from small to very large projects.

I have learned and understand how to set up Git on my system, also the three-stage workflow in Git, create branches and track files, create a repository in Git, and more.

Here are some of the Git Keywords:

  1. git --Version: This tells you the version of your git.

  2. git init: This creates an invisible file

  3. git add filename.ext: This keyword is used to stage files

  4. git status: To see the files you have staged

  5. git rm --cached : This is used to remove a staged file.

  6. git add: This adds all the files

  7. Touch filename.ext: This creates a file

  8. git config Used to tell your username that is stored

  9. git commit -m "Your comment": use to commit what you staged

  10. git remote add origin repository-url: Now this adds your repository to git

  11. git push -u origin master: This uploads your files to your repository

Okay, let's take a chill here for a drink. That seems like a lot right? But there are many other interesting keywords for git. I find Git very interesting most especially the command lines. Git made grew interested in command-line languages. Recently completed a course on Command-Line, It was really fun.

In conclusion, Git has the functionality, performance, security, and flexibility that most teams and individual developers need. If you are an inexperienced developer wanting to build up valuable skills in software development tools, when it comes to version control, Git should be on your list.

Much Love,

Nwankwo Chibuzor Stanley

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